Aloha Hawaiian Shirt Story

Inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, our Aloha Hawaiian Shirts capture the essence of Hawaii and the Aloha spirit. Established in 1991, Aloha Hawaiian Shirts is wholly owned and operated by Shaka Time Inc.

We hand select all shirts with Hawaiian themes and the spirit of Aloha, using high quality fabric, real coconut buttons and reputable manufacturer’s RJC and Shaka Time Inc. You can view over (100) shirts in cotton, rayon or blended fabric.

Living on the islands, we are reminded every day of the beauty of living the Aloha in Hawaii. We take pride in offering beautifully hand crafted tropical clothes made in Hawaii, our mission is to provide everyone with authentic Hawaiian shirts that truly represent the Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian islands.

Our service also comes with Aloha, please see our Policies page, or Contact Us.

Shaka Time Inc. manufactures and ships Hawaiian shirts and clothes online globally, and offers a complete line of Hawaiian clothing at the main store in Honolulu.

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